G​oatwater 1: Revelers, Get Ready

1.  Where Can I Get A Cup Of Goatwater?
2.  Goatwater In Its Purest Form
3.  Put Down Your Weapon
4.  Is This The Hotel La Fete?
5.  Give Me Back My Mask
6.  What a World 
7.  How Is It I can Blow my Horn 
8.  While You Were Dead 
9.  Long Before You Were Born
10. Born Behind The Eye of A Goat 
11. Property Of Hotel La Fete 
12. When You Dead, You No Dead Sister 
13. La Fete Cinema Presents 
14. Reverend Soon Come
15. I Just Now Coming Ashore 
16. Revelers, Get Ready
17. The Head Is Tender
18. Would It Pain This Wretch?
19. When I Was A Slave
20. A Killer, Missus, Me? 
21. Be Calm Now
22. At The Carnival I Come From
23. Octaroon Night At The Peola
24. Rooms To Let, Maybe
25. A Man Walks Into A Room
26. From The Moment I Arrived
27. What World Is This?
28. This World Is An Intestine
29. When You Are Broken, Kiss A Starfish
30. I Met Hector On Peola Boulevard
31. To Get To Hector's Apartment
32. Rhyming In The Rum Room
33. The Sixth Season Here
34. Rooms that Vanish
35. Come Out Your Effin' House
36. Extra Long, Extra Hard, Extra Black
37. Lord, If I Could Bend My Hand Properly
38. Sugar Country City
39. Are You Haunted?
40. Did I Say Navigator?
41. The Octaroon's Balls
42. This Is Vertigo
43. A Profane Destination
44. Oh Bless My Spinning Heart
45. Don't Have Mercy
46. All Of These Tomorrows
47. Hunger Of All Kinds
48. The Church Of Sweet And Pious Love
49. Fourteen Ninety-Three
The Cracked Figurine​​​​​​

 words and images
Tiffany Osedra Miller 
Copyright 2011-2013
   Bassa Bassa Arts 
  all rights reserved.

Written and Illustrated by Tiffany Osedra Miller
                                      (c) 2011-2015​

       Series 2
             Series 2
     Tales where carnival always begins again the moment that carnival ends
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