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Tiffany Osedra Miller

Tiffany Osedra Miller is an independent writer, painter and cartoonist
born in the U.S. (NYC) to a Jamaican father and an Antiguan mother. 
She currently facilitates creative writing workshops for senior citizens.  
here  for more biographical information.   She can be reached at:
bassacards (at) yahoo.com

**Update: (8/7/12) Goatwater is on hiatus until sometime in September 2012. In the meantime you can catch up, skip around and re-read Goatwater, Cracked Figurines and Goatwaterstrip at your leisure. If you have any questions or comments please email me at bassacards(at)yahoo.com. Enjoy the rest of your Summer. 

January 10, 2012

I just posted the first Goatwater post of 2012, Page 41, "The Octaroon's Balls."  Enjoy!  I look forward to sharing many more pages with you this year.

December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays, Everyone.  I just posted the last painting of 2011, Goatwater, Page 40: Did I Say Navigator?  This has been an incredible year of creativity for me.  Thank you for your support and please continue to spread the word about Goatwater.  Page 41 will be released on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.  Have a Happy New Year!

July 18, 2011

I've included a rough 3 second animation of a storyboard, which I feature below page 17.

May 31, 2011

GOATWATER update.   Goatwater is officially a weekly webcomic updated every Tuesday!  As of this date, I am on the 10th page of Goatwater and going strong.    Each page may sometimes feature an essay excerpt related to storytelling or information about my process and any relevant news.  Thank you all for your feedback and support!  Email me at bassacards(at)yahoo.com with any questions or comments.

February 1, 2011

by Tiffany Osedra Miller
Copyright 2011

          Welcome to the official launch of my serialized webcomic, Goatwater!  As of today, I've posted the cover and the first page.  Goatwater features a melting pot of characters navigating through interconnected stories.   The art form of comics offers me a medium in which I can combine two of my greatest loves, painting and literature, while I explore the wilderness of my consciousness.  Join me on this journey as I develop Goatwater for print publication – first as separate issues featuring several pages then as a complete graphic novel.  My posting schedule for right now will be irregular (a new page approximately 1-2 weeks) until I can work my way toward posting at least one page per week so please bookmark this page and visit regularly.   Goatwater is for mature audiences.

Comments and feedback are appreciated. (I will be enabling a Comments feature on this site in the near future, but for now please email any comments or inquiries to bassacards (at) yahoo.com.) Thank you for your support!


These first two pages of Goatwater (cover and page 1) are hand painted with acrylics, gesso and India ink on Indian cotton rag paper (approximately 8” x 12”). This paper is durable, nicely textured and great for painting.  While I do some digital touch-ups after scanning the images, I present them in as much of their raw, original state as possible. I may experiment with painting some pages on other surfaces I enjoy working with, such as latex paper, cotton or linen canvas and Bristol Paper.

Goat Water

Goat Water is a stew of goat meat and spices traditional to my Mother’s native island of Antigua as well as other islands in the Caribbean. I can remember attending Antiguan dances and family parties as a child and goat water being served, among many other tasty dishes. 

                                                           All Rights Reserved
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